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About Howard

Howard Bennett started out in music in his 20s as a rock and blues musician and singer. Like most musicians, he found it very hard to earn a living. So, he went to "straight jobs" for a long time to give his family what they need and should have. Now that he's more able to put himself out there, there's no turning back!

Howard delivers his vocals with passion, whether the songs are high-energy rock or soft ballads and love songs. He loves recording music, but more than anything making people happy when he's onstage!   

Howard loves all kinds of music as long as it is great music and can convey something real. His style range knows no bounds, and goes from classic rock to blues, jazz, R&B, soul, and more!


It's important to stay true to your roots.

"Hot, Cool and Blue" recently hit YouTube, CDBaby and ITunes nationwide! Howard's first music video of ""Pride and Joy" is now released on YouTube and Vimeo!! Are y'all diggin' it?

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